FLIP-A-GRAMS – Tell your story using pictures & music

Creating a Flipagram

A visual documentation paired with music to depict a moment in time. A Flipagram can be shared on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine or a link can be sent via email. This application requires the author make decisions about what images are shared, how many images will be shared, and whether the images are edited prior to selecting them to be part of the Fipagram. Part of the creative process is also deciding which music bests matches the selected images and which part of the song selection will be chosen to fit. Sometimes the author may want a musical selection that contains just instruments or sometimes the producer of the Flipagram prefers to chose a song where the words help to tell the story or message. Once the Flipagram has been created you will also be provided with a link where friends can click and view your “moment in time.”

I think the biggest caution with this application is to set parameters with students in regards to what pictures will be selected and posted. More specifically, the issue I see using this application would be posting pictures of students. Here in the 21st century I think educators need to be very cautious about sharing pictures of students and that is why I would only recommend using this application to highlight work or artifacts. Teachers (including myself) need to be sure to check with their board’s policies surrounding posting student work samples using media. As well, teachers would definitely want to ensure they have parental consent in regards to posting student work or the students themselves.

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“Grandma’s”   http://flipagram.com/f/El66dMzyfn

“Silly Sock Day”  http://flipagram.com/f/El8RT132Yv

“Rocks & Soils”  http://flipagram.com/f/ElDJJJsMwC

“Summer Clean Up”  http://flipagram.com/f/EwKRz9KVBc

“Minneapolis Bound”  http://flipagram.com/f/FJ7JnRNgJX

“First Day”  http://flipagram.com/f/FJBBcN9WK5

“New Texts for Kindree”  http://flipagram.com/f/FQaoePCcQX

“Hamline University”  http://flipagram.com/f/FX2XzCwpmT

“My Fair Lady”  http://flipagram.com/f/FX6dSBZqiS

“Waiting To Share New Books”  http://flipagram.com/f/FdKgeYXqc2

“I Did It Afterall”  http://flipagram.com/f/FdSm3UzApp

“A Day At The Aquarium”  http://flipagram.com/f/FpDDRgS21Z

“A Day With My Nephews”  http://flipagram.com/f/FpEuvNQyZG

“Mom & Dad’s July 2014”  http://flipagram.com/f/GHKLQjjM9L



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