New Beginnings

The beginning of a new school calendar always marks the beginning of new possibilities. September always marks the beginning of a new year and I have always thought “New Year’s Eve” should be the night before school begins and the “First Day of School” is New Years Day. As I begin preparations for an exciting new year with a new group of students I am thinking of the possibilities that exist. Teaching is like no other profession in the world and I consider it a privilege to work with students and colleagues sharing new ideas and experiences together. With the notion of “possibilities” in mind, I wondered how can I best demonstrate my willingness to try something new and learn something new; something that we constantly ask students to do each day. Therefore, I have decided to keep a blog using WordPress. My hope is the blog will provide a space to record not only new beginnings for Kindree Kids in 3A, but also, provide a space to document “happenings” in the classroom. This will also  be an ongoing reflection of the learning journey that happens throughout the year. As a “seasoned” teacher entering my 24th year of teaching, I believe it is important for not only myself but all teachers to model the love of learning and the willingness to try new things. Keeping a blog will be a new learning experience for me! Here’s to new beginnings and possibilities!


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